How do car seats protect children?

You are aware that the law in Pennsylvania requires children under a certain age to be in a car seat when riding in a vehicle. This is so standard that you would probably never imagine driving around without putting your child in a safety seat. However, do you know why the law requires these seats and how they protect your child? Understanding this can help you to see the logic behind the law.

The most significant benefit of a car seat is to provide a safety system for your child inside the vehicle since the existing safety system does not accommodate a child. The design of a seatbelt is for adults only. They do not fit a child in the way required to protect him or her in an accident. The car seat provides this protection instead.

The design of the car seat is also created in a way to offer additional protection for your child based on their size and age. Infant seats, for example, cradle a baby, providing a nest of sorts that cushions the baby’s body. Upon impact, the seat prevents the baby from flopping around, which could cause serious injuries to the small body of a baby.

The new trend to keep kids facing backward is another step towards additional safety. Facing a child backwards also prevents jarring of the body in an accident. The seat absorbs the impact better when a child is in this position. This information is for education and is not legal advice.