5 Common Myths About SSD

social security disabilityIf you are interested in obtaining Social Security Disability benefits in Central Pennsylvania, then you should contact the experienced State College disability attorney David D. Engle of Engle, Kauffmam & VanHorn.  Social Security Disability benefits are paid to people who can no longer work due to an illness, injury or disability.   Below are five common myths regarding SSD benefits:

1.) Myth: People Can Fake a Disability 

Fact: People who apply for disability will have to provide medical documentation from a physician in order to prove that they cannot work. The Social Security Administration may also request additional documentation and medical tests.  Because of these facts, it is impossible to get disability unless you really qualify for it. 

2.) Myth: You Can Never Go Back to Work if You Get Disability 

Fact:   Although some of the people who qualify for SSD benefits are older workers, there are many younger workers who also qualify for benefits and later return to work.  If you have questions about returning to work after obtaining SSD benefits, please contact State College Social Security Disability attorney David D. Engle of Engle, Kauffman & VanHorn. 

3.) Myth: People Who Get SSD Are Not Trying to Find Work 

Fact: Some people cannot return to work because of various disabling conditions. They may also lack the training and education needed to start another career. 

4.) Myth: People Do Not Want to Return to Work Because of the Checks They Are Getting 

Fact: Disability benefits typically do not provide as much money as one was earning while working. People who are used to earning a certain amount of money are often surprised to learn that the SSD benefit payment is lower than their prior earnings. 

5.) Myth: You Cannot Obtain Disability Benefits if Your Condition Is Not in the Blue Book 

Fact: There are many conditions that qualify for disability even if they are not listed in the SSA’s Blue Book. Talk to State College Social Security Disability lawyer David D. Engle if you are not sure about whether your condition qualifies for disability. 

You need an attorney on your side if you want to get disability benefits because it can be hard for you to get approved.  David D. Engle of Engle, Kauffman & VanHorn can help you apply for benefits and represent you at a SSD hearing before an Administrative Law Judge.