How to Protect Your Social Security Disability

worker social disabilitySocial security disability insurance has been hailed as one of the most progressive programs available to workers who can no longer work due to various disabilities, allowing them to get benefits for their daily upkeep. While it affords individuals financial benefit, it is also regulated by multiple application requirements, which can prove challenging to navigate without the help of State College social security disability attorneys. Below, we discuss how to go about your social security disability benefits and how a disability attorney PA expert can help.

What is SSD

Social security disability refers to a program that provides benefits to people with disabilities and specific family members, with the requirement being that you have to be insured. This allows individuals who have worked recently and have paid social security taxes on their earnings to get the needed benefits. While it is often confused with the supplemental security income that pays benefits to adults and children with disabilities and those with limited income, the two provide similar medical requirements. Social security disability will pay you monthly benefits if you meet the non-medical requirements and have an ailment that may result in death or last at least one year.

Applying for social security disability can be done in various ways, with the most common options being applying in person, online, or by phone. Some of the steps to expect from your application process include getting the proper documents and information. A State College social security disability lawyer will help you prepare the necessary information, such as stating your place of birth, your social security number, and details about children who are not yet 18 years old. In addition to this, information about your medical condition and your work will also be needed during your application. Documents such as your birth certificate, W-2 forms, and settlement agreements will also be necessary for this process. After counterchecking that all the information is accurate, you can then complete and submit your application.

At this point, the social security disability agency reviews your application to ensure that you meet the requirements for receiving benefits. This step may involve the agency checking the number of years you have worked to ascertain whether you qualify for the process while reviewing your current work doings. After this, they will forward your application to the disability determination services office in your state. The final decision rests in the state agency and will establish your eligibility to receive the benefits.

If your application is not successful, applicants have the right to appeal the decision, with the time limit for this being 60 days after receiving the final decision. Here, you can apply for a review by the federal courts, reconsideration, a review by the social security appeal council, or a hearing before an administrative law judge.

To protect your social security disability benefits, your State College attorney can help you choose an advanced designation that allows you to select a representative payee to manage your benefits. This will enable you to have a trusted individual who handles your benefits, with the submission of an advance designation made possible at the time of application or when you start receiving your benefits.

How an Attorney Can Help

Whether you need help applying for your social security disability online or in person, a State College social security disability attorney will be your best bet in helping you fill out the correct information. If you also do not qualify for your benefits, State College social security disability lawyers will come in handy in helping you settle for the most appropriate route for appealing your application. If you need help reaching out to a qualified PA disability attorney for your social security disability process, consider reaching out to Engle Kauffman & VanHorn today.