What are the Average Costs of DUI in PA

Driving under the influence (DUI) can cause multitudes of damage to a person’s reputation, pocketbook, and more. It does not take much for the costs associated with a DUI to go up.

Although the average cost for a first offense DUI would be around $1000 for a mandatory fine,  most people who receive a DUI PA rack up court-ordered fines and increase car insurance premiums, education courses, and treatment fees. These can all add up quickly and become very costly.

When wanting to know how much a DUI costs in PA, it is best to speak with a Pennsylvania DUI lawyer at Engle, Kauffman, and VanHorn. Our attorneys can help provide you with the information you need regarding your DUI charges and, if required, help defend you in court. Call our office today to schedule a consultation and learn more about how we can help you or your loved one face DUI charges.

Penalties and Costs of DUI in PA

DUI penalties vary based on the details of the offense. For example, if your blood alcohol concentration (BAC) was between .08 and .099 percent range, and this was your first offense, your fine may be only $300. However, if this is your second offense, yet you still had the same BAC, you could face fines up to $2,500 fine, and the third offense could be as costly as $5,000.

If your BAC was between .10 to .153 percent, those facing their first and second offense might have up to $5,000 in fees; however, those facing their third offense at this BAC level may face up to $10,000 in fines.

Worst-case scenario, DUI offenders are charged with the highest possible BAC charges, for those with drugs in their system or BAC levels of .16 percent and higher. Fines for this level of DUI charges can be up to $5,000 for the first offense and up to $10,000 for the second and third offenses.

It is best to speak with a Pennsylvania DUI lawyer to learn more about your rights and the various fines and penalties associated with getting charged with a DUI. Speak with your attorney and stop wondering how much does a DUI cost in PA.

Other Expenses

The cost of a DUI in PA goes far beyond the penalties, fees, and court costs. Additional charges associated with receiving a DUI may include driver’s license reinstatement fees, lost wages, towing fees to and from the impound lot, and higher auto insurance rates. Ultimately, the factors that figure into the additional costs include the length of driver’s license suspension and the court’s willingness to grant occupational driving privileges during the suspension period.

To reinstate a suspended license through the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation or the Department of Motor Vehicles typically costs about $70. Additionally, obtaining car insurance may be difficult and cost more than before getting a DUI. On average most drivers see an increase in their premiums between 31 percent and 47 percent over what they previously paid.

Finally, depending on the number of DUI offenses, a person may be ordered to undergo drug and alcohol treatment and attend driving school. The fees for these vary and are the responsibility of the individual charged with the DUI.

Non-monetary costs may impact your ability to obtain or maintain employment due to commuting challenges. However, some courts may allow a person to drive for work if they provide proof of auto insurance and current employment.

On top of all the above costs, some people may have attorney fees. To understand the answer to the question “How much does a DUI cost in PA?” it is best to speak with a local attorney.

Pennsylvania DUI Lawyer

An attorney can help explain and provide an estimated cost for your DUI. Additionally, an attorney can help you better understand your charges and, if needed, help fight the charges or help you reduce the final sentence and fees.

When facing DUI charges in PA for driving under the influence of alcohol, marijuana, prescription medications, and other controlled substances, it is best to seek advice from a DUI lawyer.

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