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Truck accidents are a major problem on US roads May 18, 2017 | firm news, motor vehicle accidents

Imagine driving down the road and seeing a large tractor trailer a few hundred feet in front of you. As you approach the truck, everything seems normal. You start to pass it on the left, and you think nothing of it. And then, all of a sudden, that truck starts merging into your lane without showing a glimmer of understanding that you are right there. An… READ MORE

14 students injured in bus crash, at-fault driver flees May 18, 2017 | firm news, motor vehicle accidents

Lancaster, Pennsylvania is the location of our story today, where a school bus was struck by another vehicle that itself was clipped by a car. A sedan was trying to pass some tractor-trailers that had escort vehicles. The sedan clipped one of the escort vehicles, and that escort swung into oncoming traffic as a result. The escort vehicle collided with the school bus, which rolled over…. READ MORE

Serious financial penalties follow a DUI May 04, 2017 | drunk driving, firm news

There are two major consequences to a drunk driving charge: there are the legal consequences and the financial consequences. We covered the legal consequences in our last post, and they include things such as jail time, the loss of your license, the impounding of your vehicle and numerous other penalties. These are substantial forms of punishment that could change your life. But the financial penalties are also… READ MORE

What kind of penalties do I face if I get a DUI in PA? April 28, 2017 | drunk driving, firm news

Getting a driving under the influence (DUI) conviction in Pennsylvania can come with serious penalties. It is important to note that the penalties that come with these kinds of charges are generally governed by state law. As such, the penalties that follow are specific to Pennsylvania. These penalties can include: License suspension. A driver can lose his or her driver’s license for up to 12 months for a… READ MORE

Do more accidents occur during finals week? April 07, 2017 | firm news, motor vehicle accidents

Researchers in the Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering at Texas A&M University are studying ways to make driving safer using new technologies. Dr. Thomas Ferris, an assistant professor, says “Humans are not very good at problem-solving when the vehicle does something they aren’t expecting, especially when under high stress, high workloads or while multi-tasking.” With finals week approaching, you might want to consider how it… READ MORE

What effect does social media have on divorce? January 10, 2017 | family law mediation, firm news

Since the explosion of social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, researchers are intensely interested in how these engaging tools affect the user in real life. One way that social media may directly affect the happiness of an individual is in his or her marriage. One study that specifically looked at Facebook interaction found that divorce rates rose anywhere from 2.18 percent to 4.32 percent in those… READ MORE